University of Milan

University Colleges and Facilities
(Milan, Italy)

The University of Milan is made up of nine faculties that define, systemise, and correlate all the academic activities of the undergraduate degrees, master's degrees, and other specialisation programmes.

Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture has four departments and five institutes offering academic programmes in the science and technology of agriculture.

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

The Faculty of Arts and Philosophy is made up of seven departments and one institute offering 10 undergraduate courses including Linguistics, Humanities, and Philosophy.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law offers excellent education and training through modern concepts and strategies, state-of-the-art facilities, and professional instructors and lawyers.

Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty of Science is one of the largest faculties in the university. It offers 15 undergraduate programmes including Mathematics, Natural Science, Chemistry, and Physics.

Faculty Medicine and Surgery

The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is also one of the most populated faculties in the university. It is made up of 13 departments and more than 30 institutes offering medicine, health, and surgery-related academic programmes.


The Faculty of Pharmacy is one of the smallest faculties in the university as it only offers one degree programme.

Faculty of Political Science

The Faculty of Political Science has seven departments offering academic programmes on political science including Economics, Communication, and Society.

Faculty of Sports and Exercise Science

The Faculty of Sports and Exercise Science has one institute offering one undergraduate programme.

Faculty of Veterinary Science

The Faculty of Veterinary Science has three departments and two institutes offering three undergraduate degree programmes.

Milan University

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